Small Diamond Grinding Wheel

Small Diamond Grinding Wheel
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Brief Introduction:Diamond grinding wheels are mainly used for grinding and polishing stone products.such as Granite, Marble, Sandstone,               Limestone, etc. Also suitable for Grinding Concrete. Ideal for smoothing and shaping as well as stock removal.

Specification:     (1)Diameter:100/115/125/150/180mm, other sizes upon request.

                           (2)Grit: Coarse / medium / fine

                           (3)Thread/ Connection: M12, M14, 5/8-11.etc   

                           (4)Base & Matrix Material: aluminum or steel

                           (5)Technology: Welding, or Sintered etc

                           (6) Type: Single row, Double rows, Turbo, T type etc 

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Advantages:(1)Durable metal and diamond compound

                      (2)Effective in the process of grinding and polishing concrete floor      

                         (3)Different colors and Sizes as requested.  

                            (4)Competitive price and superior quality.    

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