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Use Of Carbide Saw Blades Six Precautions

Mar 20, 2015

Note the use of carbide saw blades are the following six:

Operating environment: machinery to install a protective cover to prevent blade damage, damage caused by flying debris. Unrelated persons prohibited near the workplace. Workplaces should stay away from flammable and explosive materials.

Clothing, protective equipment: Operators must wear protective glasses to prevent blade damage, damage caused by flying debris. The operator must pay attention to the tie and cuffs, can not wear gloves, long hair must be placed within the working cap, was caught in the machine to prevent the risk of occurrence.

Before you use: Make sure the machine in good condition, the spindle no distortion, no vibration, shaft tolerance h7 • check whether the blade less damage, loss, abnormal wear and body bending, twisting, cracking and other anomalies in case. blade breakage, flying damage. • Make sure the blade is suitable for the selected material to be cut to prevent abnormal wear of the blade, loss, bad cut, overheating or other abnormal conditions occur. If you choose wrong, could cause the blade and the material damage, debris flying, accident.

Installation: Make sure the blade rotation direction consistent with the direction of the machine spindle. If the opposite direction will cause the blade to fall off, flying debris, accidents. Choose a consistent inner diameter saw blade, saw blade outer diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter of 1/3 (multi-saw blade should be used outside diameter of 1/2) of the flange, make sure it has no abnormal wear, bending deformation, surface clean and free of anomalies attachment. To ensure that no cross between the blade and the inner diameter of the large gap between the machine shaft diameter, installed flange, tighten the nut. Before starting work, make sure no one saw the front. Then idling, check whether the vibration machine, saw whether the horizontal and radial wobble and other anomalies. Reprocessing blade (inner diameter correction, positioning hole processing, etc.) must be performed by the factory. If the process is bad, will affect the product effect, and may be dangerous. When installed, the general 5-6 serrated blade above the plate is appropriate.