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The Role Of The Grinding Wheel In Industrial Processing Is Irreplaceable

The role of the grinding wheel in industrial processing is irreplaceable, but the grinding wheel in the use of the process will be worn, for example, after a long period of time there will be grooves, these grooves should be how to deal with it?

First, reduce the wheel speed, in principle, at least half of the easy to refurbish, such as no frequency can be repeated switch machine to reduce the speed to refurbish.

Second, with the grinding wheel grinding the repair tool, before and after the mobile overlap surface for the grinding wheel width of 1/3 to 1/2.

Third, successive infeed to 140 #, for example, advanced 0.005, blunt sound to crisp sound, the surface jump to the surface level, and then into the 0.01 and repeat the sound, surface inspection, and then proceed to 0.015,0.02,0.025, 0.03 until the crisp sound, flat surface, no trembling, that repair round, repair Rui completed. The largest refinancing depending on the size of the grinding wheel to be adjusted, the greater the size of the greater the degree of refurbishment into the greater!

Grinding wheel in the whole process of repair need to pay special attention to some of the details, can do some preparatory work, can be previously oily singular pen painted in the diamond wheel round, when the ink traces completely disappeared, that is completed.

Made of resin made of grinding wheel, high strength, applied in the cutting film, double end, heavy load wheel, polishing wheel and so on. Resin grinding wheel production process mainly semi-hot-pressing process, cold pressing process and hot-pressing process three. Today, we mainly introduce the cold grinding process of resin grinding wheel:

The binder used in the cold press process is a wetting agent and a powdered resin. The liquid phenolic resin, furfural, furfuryl alcohol and cresol are usually used as wetting agents. Most of them are liquid phenolic resins.

Determine the use of liquid resin and powder resin factors are: abrasive particle size distribution, filler type, the amount of liquid powder than the amount of filler, liquid resin viscosity, the nature of powder resin. If the viscosity of the liquid resin is larger, the surface of the abrasive is completely covered with more liquid resin; the smaller the particle size of the abrasive and the filler, the greater the specific surface area and the more liquid; the higher the molecular weight of the powdered resin High, the lower the free phenol, the worse the adhesion to the liquid resin, the more the amount of liquid required.

Resin grinding wheel has a certain flexibility, low heat resistance, good self-sharpening, easy production, short process cycle characteristics; widely used in coarse grinding, barren grinding, cutting and free grinding, such as grinding steel ingots, casting burrs and so on.