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Selection Of Ordinary Grinding Wheel

Jul 12, 2017

  Selection of ordinary grinding wheel

  1. Abrasive selection Abrasive selection depends mainly on the workpiece material and heat treatment methods.

  A. Grinding tensile strength of high material, grinding wheel the choice of toughness of the abrasive.

  B. Low hardness, elongation of large materials, the use of more brittle abrasive.

  C. High hardness of the material, grinding wheel the choice of higher hardness of the abrasive.

  D. Selection of abrasives that are less susceptible to chemical reactions.

  The most commonly used abrasives are corundum (A) and white corundum (WA), followed by black silicon carbide (C) and green silicon carbide (GC), the rest are commonly used chrome corundum (PA), monocrystalline corundum (SA) , Microcrystalline corundum (MA), zirconia corundum (ZA).

  Brown corundum wheel: high hardness of corundum, toughness, suitable for grinding high tensile strength of the metal, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc., this abrasive grinding performance, wide adaptability, Commonly used in the removal of the larger margin of coarse grinding, cheap, can be widely used.

  White corundum wheel: white corundum hardness slightly higher than the corundum, toughness is lower than the corundum, grinding, abrasive grain easily broken, therefore, grinding heat is small, suitable for making refined hardened steel, grinding wheel high carbon steel, High-speed steel and grinding thin-walled parts with the grinding wheel, the cost is higher than the corundum.

  Black silicon carbide wheels: black silicon carbide brittle and sharp, hardness higher than white corundum, suitable for grinding mechanical strength of low materials, such as cast iron, brass, aluminum and refractory materials.

  Green silicon carbide wheel: green silicon carbide hardness brittle black silicon carbide high, abrasive abrasive, good thermal conductivity, grinding wheel suitable for grinding carbide, optical glass, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials.

  Chrome corundum wheel: suitable for grinding tools, measuring tools, instruments, threads and other surface processing quality requirements of the workpiece.

  Single crystal corundum wheel: suitable for grinding stainless steel, high vanadium high-speed steel and other toughness, high hardness of the material and easy deformation of the workpiece burns. The same time as the above-

  Microcrystalline corundum wheel: suitable for grinding stainless steel, bearing steel and special ductile iron, etc., for forming grinding, grinding wheel cutting into the grinding, mirror grinding.

  Zirconia corundum wheel: suitable for grinding Austrian body stainless steel, titanium alloy, heat-resistant alloy, especially for heavy-duty grinding.