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Rusty Alloy Saw Blade How To Deal With

Oct 31, 2017

Carbide alloy saw blade is made of alloy metal, when not in use must be good measures, if not handled properly, will make the blade produced oxidation, that is, we said the rusty state, when the carbide alloy saw blades can not be used, must be carried out to rust and other work before use.

First, produce rust factors

In general, when the carbide alloy saw blade is not used, it should be ventilated, dry place, the packaging can not be damaged, it is best stored on a wooden shelf.

The factors that cause the rust of the alloy saw blade are usually: the packaging is damaged, where the place is more humid, where it is prone to water mist from the damaged entrance to the carbide alloy saw blade, resulting in oxidation.

It is also possible because there is a liquid infiltration into the inside of the alloy saw blade in the place where the alloy saw blade is stored, causing oxidation, resulting in rust. So we do not use the alloy saw blade, we must pay attention to the location of the place, we must maintain ventilation and dry.

Second, how to deal with rusty carbide alloy saw blade

If you find the alloy saw blade rusty, and this time do not take as usual use, which will easily lead to damage to the blade, especially prone to dislocation and other phenomena, we have to be rust and other operations before use.

1, first look at the rusty parts, if it is the matrix site, which is a good deal, we use the commonly used method of rust can be used.

2, if the rusty parts in the sawtooth position, then there is some trouble, in this case, the diamond wheel must be used for processing, because the sawtooth is the most sensitive of the blade, once handled properly, it will seriously affect the hard The use of the quality of the alloy saw blade is likely to cause the blade to be scrapped.

In fact, the best way to prevent the rusty alloy saw blade, is usually more attention to its maintenance, pay more attention to some of the details of the deal, only to prevent it is the most effective way to deal with the problem.