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Production Quality And Inspection Of Grinding Wheel

Jun 15, 2017

  Production quality and inspection of grinding wheel

  1. Production quality of grinding wheel

  Grinding wheel production to ensure quality, must use high-quality raw materials, bonding agents and advanced production technology. At the same time should pay attention to the production process, the quality of workers and so on. Only many problems have been paid attention to, in order to produce high-quality grinding wheel.

  2. Inspection of Grinding wheel quality

  After the wheel is released, the balance test should be carried out, and the acoustic examination has no crack, rotary test and so on. To ensure that the grinding wheel is in use and meets the workpiece requirements.

  II. Storage and transportation of grinding wheel

  1. Storage of Grinding Wheel

  Should not be easily damp, frozen and high-temperature storage of the grinding wheel, rubber grinding wheel to avoid contact with oil, resin grinding wheel to one years appropriate, more than the shelf life of the grinding wheel, to undergo a rigorous inspection, to confirm that no problem can be used.

  2. Transportation of Grinding Wheel

  (1), the grinding wheel must complete the packing transportation and avoids the collision, may not be exposed to the damp for a long time, cannot contact with the alkali type;

  (2), the grinding wheel is stacked neatly in a flat way, can not be inclined to put and under pressure for a long time, to prevent deformation;

  (3), avoid direct contact with the ground, must use the tide of the wooden pallet to pile up, from the ground height 10-15c appropriate, stacking height of not more than 1 meters;

  (4), the implementation of advanced first-use principles, to ensure the best use of products;

  (5), the product over one years should re-examine the rotation strength and the appearance of the rear can be used.