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Matching Circular Saw Blades To Materials

Sep 04, 2018

Circular saw blades are available in completely different|many various|many alternative} designs to match different applications. the fabric you are cutting and also the style of cut can confirm the proper power saw blade for your job. consult with your circular saw's documentation to work out the correct blade size. ne'er use associate incorrectly sized blade along with your power saw.

What's Your Saw Blade created Of?

Steel power saw blades area unit low cost. These blades area unit fine for soft wood or different soft materials, however can uninteresting quickly once used with hardwood.

High Speed Steel (HSS) blades area unit costlier than common steel blades. HSS power saw blades handle tougher materials than common steel and last longer.

201808040957246047714.jpgCarbide power saw blades have inorganic compound cutting tips. These blades area unit among the foremost high-priced however will last up to twenty times longer than different blades.

Got Wood?

A number of saw blade sorts area unit right for cutting wood. cacophonic saw blades (to cut with the grain) and handsaw blades (to cut across the grain) area unit 2 common saw blades good for wood.

Combination blades mix cacophonic and crosscut options during a single blade. Combination saw blades area unit sensible for miter cuts. once gazing combination blades, bear in mind that the next tooth count can lead to a sander cut.

Plywood blades area unit good for cutting skinny sheets of wood. The high tooth count of laminate blades makes for a awfully swish cut.

A dado blade is employed to chop precise grooves in wood. These blades, that embody 2 cutting surfaces and a group of chippers, will solely be used safely with bench or table saws.

Engineered To Be good

Dimensional or designed materials usually got to be move tight tolerances. a skinny kerf saw blade includes a slim profile that produces a then, precise cut.

Hard As A Rock

Abrasive saw blades area unit coated with ground material to chop through onerous material. associate abrasive saw blade is ideal for cutting masonry, stone or steel.

Diamonds area unit Forever201807310929356262013.png

Diamond coated blades area unit a special style of abrasive saw blade. Diamond blades area unit designed to chop glass, tile or ceramic materials.