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Learn How To Check And Install The Grinding Wheel?

Safe use and management is an important part of grinding machinery, including the installation of grinding wheel, transportation, storage and a series of work, any part of the negligence of the grinding machinery will lay a security risk. Below the wheel manufacturers to teach you how to check and install:

1. Grinding wheel inspection: grinding wheel in the installation before use must undergo a rigorous inspection, cracks and other defects in the wheel is absolutely not allowed to use the installation.

(1) wheel mark check. Grinding wheel is not marked or marked unclear, can not check, confirm the wheel characteristics of the wheel, regardless of whether there is a defect, can not be used.

(2) wheel defect inspection. The inspection method is visual and audible check:

a, visual inspection is directly with the naked eye or with other instruments to see whether the surface of the grinding wheel cracks or damage and other defects.

b, sound inspection, also known as percussion test, mainly for the wheel internal defects, check the method is to use a small wooden hammer percussion wheel. Normal wheel sound crisp, dull sound, hoarse, that there are problems.

(3) grinding wheel strength test. For a variety of models of a number of grinding wheel should be carried out the intensity of rotation test, without the strength of the test wheel grinding is strictly prohibited to use.

2. The installation of the grinding wheel

(1) check whether the characteristics of the wheel meet the requirements, whether the wheel and spindle size match.

(2) between the chuck and the end of the grinding wheel should be a certain thickness of the flexible material liner (such as asbestos rubber sheet, flexible cardboard or leather, etc.), so that the chuck clamping force evenly distributed.

(3) the wheel can be freely fitted to the spindle on the wheel, can not be forced to squeeze; wheel diameter and spindle and chuck with the appropriate gap to avoid too large or too small. With the surface clean, no debris.

(4) The chuck of the grinding wheel should be symmetrical, the radial width of the pressing surface should be equal; the pressing surface is straight, and the side contact of the grinding wheel is sufficient, the clamping is stable, and the sides of the grinding wheel are deformed and deformed by unbalanced force crack.

(5) tightening the tightening of the grinding wheel should be tight enough to drive the grinding wheel does not produce slippery is appropriate, should not be too tight; when using a number of bolts tighten the large chuck, the diagonal line should be gradually even Tighten, tighten the bolts in the circumferential direction, or tighten a bolt at once. Fastening wheel chuck can only use the standard wrench, prohibit the use of long wrench or beat method to increase the tightening force.