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Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blades for Cutting Hard Non-Metallic Material

Aug 11, 2016


1. We place diamond grits precisely in three dimensional patterns and to deliver the best performance of diamond tools.
2. Control the space among diamond grits, wide or narrow, as you want, see picture
3. Especially good performance in cutting granites, quartz, concretes, walls, masonry etc.
1. Faster cutting: the cutting speed increases by 20%-30%.
2. Longer lifetime: the cutting lifetime is extended by 30%-50%
3. Lower noise: the noise lever reduces by 10%-20% during cutting 
4. Less resistance: evenly distributed segment keep equably cutting, economization of power consumption
5. Great adaptability: can do excellent performance in cutting various granite, concrete, asphalt and so on.

--Production details:

1. Easy and smooth cutting.
2. Long lifespan and stable performance.
3. Good cutting result and high efficiency.
4. Good service and reasonable price.
5. Delivery on time.
6. Different sizes are available and can also supply as customers' requests.

Note: Other specification can be ordered by customer.