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Is The Ultra-thin Alloy Saw Blade Narrower Than Conventional Saw Blades?

Aug 07, 2017

  Is the ultra-thin alloy saw blade narrower than conventional saw blades?

  For aluminum sawing, the saw blade produced by the saw blade saws will cause the corresponding width of the aluminum chip. The more the sawdust is, the more aluminum scrap is caused. Therefore, more aluminum industry on the pursuit of ultra-thin alloy saw blade, increasing gift. However, ultra-thin alloy saw blade manufacturers, in the production of ultra-thin alloy saw blade, not only to consider the sawing, but also consider the sawing effect and service life.

  So how thin is the ultra-thin alloy saw blade than conventional saw blades? Saw more narrow, to ensure that the sawing effect and the life of the more difficult, so the thickness of the saw is not arbitrary. At present, the domestic high-grade alloy saw blade manufacturers produce ultra-thin saw blade, conventional 500mm diameter alloy saw blade saw up to 3.0mm, narrower than conventional alloy saw blade 1.5mm. This is also a lot of alloy saw blade manufacturers less than.

  If you are cutting the photovoltaic corner code or other small parts, and hear the news will be more exciting. Calculate a calculation, each cut a corner code can save 1.5mm, and a corner length of 22mm ~ 25mm. Cut a day to save thousands of dollars certainly no problem, the use of ultra-thin alloy saw blade in the enhanced sawing effect at the same time, create thousands of dollars a day profit. Are you still hesitant?

  Is the ultra-thin alloy saw blade narrower than conventional saw blades? Through the above Feng Jin sharp tool technology professionals to explain, presumably you have a certain understanding of the.