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Introduction To China's Diamond Tool Industry

Mar 20, 2015

Diamond tools is the best high hardness materials processing tools, processing quality, high efficiency, can greatly reduce processing costs, improve working conditions, easy to implement mechanization and automation of processing, as early as 50 years ago, people struggling to find ways to change brittle industry difficult but inefficient labor status. Our diamond industry started late, as early as the 1960s, our country has successfully developed a diamond, but until the 1980s, grinding, cutting, drilling and diamond tools category began to be developed and industrialized. The late 1980s, with the rise of China in the global manufacturing industry, China's manufacturing diamond tools are gradually showing strong vitality, rapid development, has become one of the world's major supplier of diamond tools market.

Diamond and diamond tool manufacturers have been more than 1000 in 1999, has an annual output of more than 750 million karats of diamond, diamond-producing countries to become. Diamond saw blade has been able to meet domestic demand. Nearly one-third of exports, in the DIY market a certain competitiveness.