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How You Can Pick Suited TCT Saw Blade

Nov 24, 2018

    TCT Saw Blade incorporates numerous parameters, this kind of as tooth account, angle, amount of tooth, the ply of circular saw, blade diameter, the variety of TCT and so on which establish the processing potential and cutting functionality of the saw blade. Understand that you would greater select the right parameter of saw blade according towards the needs.


The common utilized tooth profiles have even tooth, Dou tooth, ladder-shaped tooth and so on, by which the even tooth is widely used. Generally used in typical wooden sawing, this sort of tooth account is simple and tough within the saw bite, making the groove bottom lever sleek within the slot approach operation. Even though the Dou tooth saw blade is good at cutting the saw bite, ideal in cutting all types of artificial board and overlay. As intended for the ladder-shaped tooth saw blade, it's adequate with regard to cutting overlay and fire-proof plate which might get comparatively high saw cutting good quality.

The angle of saw tooth, the cutting place of saw tooth, can reflect the cutting affect of overall performance during which the biggest ones are rake angle γ, relief angle α and wedge angle β. As the digging angle of saw tooth, rake angle is usually between 10-15°despite the fact that the larger the rake angle, the more brisk the cutting is.

As the intersection angle in the saw tooth and the processed material, the relief angle is aimed to prevent the friction between them. The larger the relief angle is, the smaller the friction is and the brighter the processed production is. Usually the relief angle of TCT saw blade is 15°.

Deriving in the rake angle and relief angle, the wedge angle should not be too small which takes the role of keeping the intensity, radiation ability and durability of saw tooth. The sum from the above three angles should be 90°.

Usually speaking, the more the amount of tooth, the larger the cutting blade per unit time. What's more, the cutting overall performance will be much better with more saw tooth. However, it needs more variety of TCT which means that the price of the diamond saw blades is larger. The too close saw tooth make the capability of teeth become smaller and increase the friction of between workpiece which will have an effect on the service life of blade. Usually the insert spacing is between 15 and 25mm, choosing the reasonable quantity of teeth according to the material of saw.

In theory, the thinner the saw bit is , the far better. Actually, saw seam is a kind of consumption. The thickness of saw blade is decided by the material of TCT saw blade and the craftsmanship of saw, chosen from the consideration of stability of saw and cutting materials.

Related with the utilised cutting equipment and the thickness of cutting workpiece, the diameter of saw is small which could lead towards the relatively low cutting speed. If it truly is big, the cutting performance will be improved but with higher requirement of saw and cutting equipment.

Teeth shape, angle, tooth variety, thickness, diameter and the selection of TCT make up a whole TCT Saw Blade which can be given fully play if chosen and matched moderately.