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How To Choose The Correct Diamond Blade

Aug 29, 2018

    Diamond saw blades can be used for cutting, bricks, blocks, stone and other concrete with similar properties. The diamond blade consists of a steel core (different from the diamond wire) and a powder metal. The powder metal is combined with the diamond crystal and then heated and tightened in a frame forming the diamond segment, also known as the "cutting tooth" of the diamond segment blade. The diamond segments are welded to the steel core.

    The steel core can change the design. Some of them have space between each part (known under the name oesophagi) to provide cooling and removal of mud, while others have edges for softer, sheet-free cutting. The type of core that must be used depends on the type of material that will be cut. The diamond blade does not cross, not it will correct. They have rectangular teeth (segments) that contain diamond crystals at the ends of each segment for correction by very hard materials.

    The binder is a term used for the softness or hardness of powdered metal to form a segment and hold the diamond in place. The bond orders the speed at which the diamond portion moves downwards and exposes the new diamond to the surface to continue to rectify with a "sharp" edge. The most important stage is matched to the blade and has a good bond to your specific cutting material. The first thing you should know is how hard or frayed the material you want to pass.

    Each diamond blade is a single combination: paste, diamond concentration, diamond size/form, width, segment design, core design, etc. to get the most effective cut you should always test the matching type of blade to the specific one it wants to cut material.