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How Diamond Blades Work

Oct 13, 2015

Silencio Concrete
Large particles of soft, abrasive materials wear down this metal bond faster than the small particles removed from hard, dense materials. Because of this, a diamond blade for cutting a soft, abrasive material must have a hard metal bond to resist this erosion long enough for the exposed diamonds to be properly utilized. Conversely, a soft bond is needed to ensure that it will erode and expose new diamonds, allowing the blade to continue cutting efficiently.

Years of experience and development have given us a vast number of bonds of different hardness levels for different levels of “Controlled Bond Erosion” for all masonry and concrete materials.

Although diamonds are the hardest substance in the world, these diamond particles do wear out or break down after cutting for a period of time. New, untouched diamonds are, however, exposed by the wearing down of the metal “bond”.