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Have You Trimmed Your Alloy Saw Blades?

Aug 07, 2017

  Have you trimmed your alloy saw blades?

  Alloy saw blade as an industrial consumable, saw the use time is long, will appear many problems: if the knife head is blunt, the cutting is not enough not sharp; the cutting workpiece surface has the grain burr, the material loss is big, the sawing sound is noisy uneven; But many customers do not know that these problems can actually be repaired by the saw blade again to solve!

  Do the alloy saw blade more than 10 years, meet different trades and professions of customers, just start contact with a part of the customer to reflect with us, because the cutting workpiece requirements are relatively high, worried that the alloy saw blade repair after cutting out the quality of the workpiece is not qualified, so adhere to buy only new films, saw blades never repair the principle, which makes the customer's sawing cost is very high; and some customers complained to us, saw before other manufacturers have been grinding, but the effect is not ideal after grinding, so that customers have a headache, like a chicken. Eat tasteless, discard! , not only does the cost not reduce, but brings a series of sawing problems.

  But you know what? Not your cutting requirements high, nor the alloy saw blade repair is really bad use, but you did not find the manufacturers, this is the key! Alloy saw blade after the professional factory repair, is completely can be used as a new film, to help you reduce the cost of sawing more than 50%!

  Has your alloy blade been polished?

  So how do the alloy saw blades be polished? It is not like the ordinary cutter, only with the blade part in the correct grinding direction to grind enough. And the alloy saw blade is more complex than the ordinary tool, which consists of a saw plate and a cutter head. The alloy saw blade after the use of the problem is also different, it needs to be tailored to repair. So want to repair the alloy saw blade, not only need to be equipped with professional gear grinder, but also need to have skilled experienced workers to complete.