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Grinding Of Grinding Wheel

Jun 30, 2017

  Grinding of grinding wheel:

  There are many different classification methods for grinding wheel burns. According to the different appearance of burns, can be divided into full burns (the entire surface is burned), spotted burns (surface appears scattered burn spots), uniform line burns, periodic line burns; changes in surface microstructure can be divided into back (Burn thickness <0.05mm), medium burns (burn layer thickness between 0.005 ~ 0.01mm), deep burn (burned layer thickness> 0.01mm), deep burns (burn thickness <0.01mm) The In production, the most common is the uniform period of the line-like burns.

  As the grinding wheel in the grinding wheel is often accompanied by surface oxidation, and in the surface of the oxide film. And because the thickness of the oxide film is different so that the interference state of the reflected light is different; thus showing a variety of colors. So the grinding wheel surface is usually used to determine the color of the degree of burns, that is, "color method" for steel, with the strengthening of the burn, the color is generally white, yellow (400-500 ℃), brown, 800 ~ 900 ℃), blue (green) changes. Different grinding wheel grinding depth, the processing surface of the burn color and oxide film thickness is different.

  The burn color reflects only the more severe burns, and when the surface color of the parts does not change, the surface tissue may have been burned changes, such burns are often difficult to identify, so the use of parts more harmful. At present, people in order to better control the degree of burns, has been based on changes in surface tissue, the burns were graded, generally from 0-8 is divided into nine, of which 0 is the lightest, 8 burn the most serious.

  Measures to Prevent Grinding of Grinding Wheel

  1. Minimize the amount of heat generated by the grinding wheel.

  2. As far as possible to speed up the distribution of heat.

  3. Avoid the impact of the previous process.