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Green Concrete Diamond Blades

Dec 26, 2018

    Selecting the right green concrete diamond blades can be really tricky. There are so many varieties in the market but which one is the right blade for the right saw can be a million dollar question. 

    However, what is a green concrete diamond blade? Green concrete blades can be used for cutting green concrete, asphalt, and asphalt over concrete roadways and these blades are far better than other cutting tools and blades. Let�s see how diamond blades can save your money and time. 

    1. Abrasive blades cost too much. According to the experts, it takes nearly 100 abrasive blades to equal the potential of just 1 diamond saw blade. 

    2. The speed can really affect your revenue. Diamond saw blade cut concrete twice as fast as abrasive blades, which makes your work more efficient and quick. They give you the capacity to accomplish at least twice the work, which means more work and more money. 

    3. One abrasive blade cannot take up the pressure of too much of work and every time you change a blade, you practically lose money. HOW? As said before it can take more then 100 abrasive blades to do the same job as one diamond saw blade. So, whenever you stop to change your blade, the whole process takes around 3 minutes. Imagine how much time is wasted in that process, which eventually affects your job, efficiency and revenue. 

   4. You really cannot afford not to use diamond saw blades. WHY? Cutting concrete with abrasive blades cost you too much in cluding tool cost and labor costs. While with one diamond blade you can enjoy the savings and work without any exhaustion. 

    5. Green concrete diamond blades are safer and convenient. With these blades, you may get rid of the chipping problems that can occur with abrasive blades. They cut the concrete more easily than normal blade, which lowers the chances of internal injuries due to over fatigue. 

    6. These blades offer higher quality cuts and precision in comparison to any other ordinary blade. Moreover, their resistance to wear produces superior cut-to-cut consistency, which again saves both time and money. 

    With so many benefits listed here, how can you ignore the fact that investing into diamond blades is the most prudent decision for your business? Get the best masonry diamond blades TODAY and give your business profit a boost.