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For The Grinding Wheel Dressing?

Jul 12, 2017

  For the grinding wheel dressing?

  A: the purpose of finishing including plastic and sharp.

  Plastic is the surface of the grinding wheel in order to get accurate outline, such as gear forming grinding, rack grinding, grinding of crankshaft flange, etc.Fine dressing, grinding wheel after the computer needs to be conducted to meet the requirements of machining precision of workpiece.

  Repair the sharp is the essence of grinding process in order to reduce the required power load, grinding easier.On the one hand, grinding wheel can remove congestion on the surface of the grinding wheel, abrasive dust, make the grain of convex to the grinding wheel surface, reducing friction loss power;On the other hand, when the abrasive dull, again by repairing the sharp sharp, grinding cutting process easier.

  02 common way of dressing tool and finishing have?

  Answer: the common way of finishing includes the following three:

  1, stationary, dressing tool is commonly used to match for king kong pen (including single point, multi-point, flake)

  2, reciprocating nap, dressing tool is commonly used to match for the CNC roller

  3, the forming shaping, grinding wheel matching dressing tool commonly used for forming roller (including sintering roller and reverse plating roller)

  In addition, in addition to diamond dressing tools, abrasive, ordinary fine-grained silicon carbide or white corundum ceramic grinding wheel is used to repair the sharp (such as glass surrounding ground sharp metal bond diamond grinding wheel, grinding wheel and cutting tools and around slotted grinding wheel grinding wheel repair sharp, etc.)