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Factors Affecting Grinding Degree Of Alloy Saw Blade

Oct 31, 2017

1, the base deformation, the thickness is inconsistent, the hole tolerance. When there is a problem with the above-mentioned matrix congenital defects, there is a grinding error regardless of the type of equipment. The deformation of the matrix is large and the deviation of the two corners occurs. The thickness of the matrix is different from that of the rear angle and the rake angle. If the accumulated tolerance is too large, the quality and precision of the saw are seriously affected.

2, grinding teeth on the impact of grinding teeth. Alloy round alloy saw blade grinding is good or bad model structure and assembly, the current market about two types of models: one is the German floating ink type. The type of vertical grinding, the advantages of all the use of hydraulic stepless movement, all feed system using V-rail and ball screw work, grinding head or arm with slow feed, retreat rewind, clip cylinder adjustment Heart, alloy saw blade supporting pieces of flexible and reliable, accurate positioning of the teeth, alloy saw blade positioning heart firmly automatic centering, any angle adjustment, cooling and washing reasonable, to achieve man-machine interface, high precision grinding, pure grinding machine reasonable design; , Such as Taiwan Japan models, mechanical transmission gears and mechanical gap Swallowtail sliding accuracy is poor, clip smooth performance is low, difficult to adjust the branch heart, tooth extraction mechanism or poor reliability, the two sides of the plane and the left and right rear corner is not a heart Cut, resulting in large deviation, difficult to control angle, mechanical wear difficult to ensure accuracy.

3, welding factors. Welding alloy on the degree of deviation, affecting the grinding accuracy, resulting in a side of the grinding head pressure, while the pressure is small, the same angle after the above factors, welding angle is poor, man-made inevitable factors are grinding wheel and other factors Resulting in unavoidable effects.

4, wheel quality and size of the impact of width. Selection of grinding wheel grinding alloy, pay attention to the wheel size, particle size rough grinding grinding wheel traces, grinding wheel selection of fine particles easy to plug the grinding less, easy to burn knife. Grinding wheel diameter and the width of the wheel width is based on the length of the alloy or different tooth profile and the various aspects of the alloy may be, not a rear angle or front angle grinding wheel specifications can be arbitrarily grinding different teeth, and must be targeted to use appropriate Specifications wheel.

5, grinding head feed speed. alloy saw blade grinding is entirely determined in the grinding head feed rate, the general alloy circular alloy saw blade feed rate of 0.5 to 6 mm / s can not exceed this value. That is, every minute should be 20 teeth, more than every minute 20 teeth feed speed is too large, will produce a serious knife or burning alloy, grinding wheel produced convex and concave caused by grinding wheel precision grinding wheel.

6, grinding head feed, the choice of wheel size on the amount of infeed is extremely important. General wheel recommended 180 # to 240 # choose the amount of 240 # to 280 # should not use 280 # to 320 #, or to adjust the feed rate.

7, grinding heart. All the alloy saw blade grinding with the matrix for the heart, rather than with the knife for the heart, the plane grinding heart can not get out, after the angle, alloy saw blade the front angle with the processing heart can not be grinding a alloy saw blade, grinding three processes alloy saw blade heart Can not be ignored. Grinding the side angle is still carefully observed when the thickness of the alloy, the thickness of different grinding center with the change, regardless of the alloy thickness, grinding surface when the wheel center line should be with the welding position to maintain a straight line, otherwise the angle difference caused by cutting.

8, tooth extraction institutions can not be ignored. Any gear grinding machine regardless of the structure, the accuracy of the design of the tooth design to the grinding blade quality, in the machine when the needle pulling pressure on the tooth surface reasonable position, and not with the move is also extremely critical, Flexible and reliable.

9, clip mechanism: clip mechanism firmly stable and reliable, is the main part of the quality of grinding, any grinding tool when the clip mechanism can not have the slightest loosening, or grinding teeth deviation out of control.

10, grinding stroke. Regardless of any part of the grinding alloy saw blade, grinding head grinding stroke is very important, generally require grinding wheel 1 mm out of the workpiece or 1 mm out of the appropriate, otherwise the tooth surface to produce two blade.

Above summary of these in the course of the use of our factors affect the blade grinding, alloy saw blade after reading should pay attention to avoid these situations Oh.