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Diamond Industry: "Diamond" Leading Manufacturing New Revolution

Mar 20, 2015

A Chinese manufacturing enterprises in which all changes feast. As the Chinese minority rely diamond manufacturing technology winner, concentrated 90% of global production capacity of high-end industries, will drive the solar, LED and other emerging application areas, the usher development peak in China, driven by overall industrial upgrading. China synthetic diamond companies will share this feast as a major participant in realizing their own rapid growth.

Manufacturing "Diamond." As honorable position in the diamond jewelry industry, and diamond tools products in the same living in sophisticated industrial applications, the high price is the main obstacle to the promotion. With the industry is more cost-effective and not only emphasize value purchase cost, the degree of precision machining, higher demands, energy saving and environmental protection standards greatly improved, diamond tools instead of the traditional tool to start the process will accelerate.

Diamond industry: "Diamond" leading manufacturing new revolution

Potential alternative market is huge demand to maintain high growth. The main areas downstream diamond tools including building materials, machinery, mining, electronics, photovoltaic, expects its market penetration in various fields will show a step-like development in order to promote good architecture: photovoltaic, LED and other areas of the application from scratch to achieve a breakthrough, with rapid growth and the rapid growth of the industry; automotive machinery and other fields to achieve a breakthrough in the Chinese market, mainly; stone building materials and other traditional areas will still maintain a steady growth. Preliminary judging diamond materials and products worldwide potential market size reached hundreds of billions, and focused on single-crystal materials market size of China's production is also more than ten billion yuan, demand growth will remain above 25% CAGR.