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Diamond Grinding Wheel Selection

Jul 12, 2017

  Diamond grinding wheel selection

  Diamond grinding wheel than with boron carbide, silicon carbide, corundum and other abrasive grain made of abrasive blade angle sharp, wear small, long life, high productivity, good processing quality, but expensive, and therefore suitable for fine grinding carbide, ceramic , Semiconductor and other high hardness brittle difficult to process materials. The

  Diamond wheel features include abrasive type, particle size, hardness, concentration, binder, wheel shape and size.

  Abrasive: widely used artificial diamond (JR), grinding wheel according to its crystal shape and particle strength, divided into various models, according to their specific use model.

  Particle size: to the workpiece roughness, grinding productivity and consumption of diamond three aspects of comprehensive consideration.

  Hardness: only the resin binder diamond grinding wheel have "hardness" of this feature. Generally use S (Y1) level or higher.

  Bonding agent: There are four commonly used binder, its binding capacity and wear resistance to resin, ceramics, bronze, electroplating metal order, followed by gradually strong. Resin binder diamond grinding wheel grinding efficiency is high, the workpiece roughness is good, for a wide range of self-sharpening, and easy to plug, heat a small, grinding wheel easy to dress, mainly used for refining process. Ceramic binder diamond wheel is mainly used for a variety of non-metallic hard and brittle materials, carbide, superhard materials such as grinding.

  Concentration: The concentration of choice should be based on the use of grinding wheel size, bonding agent, shape, processing methods, grinding wheel production efficiency and wheel life requirements. High concentration of diamond grinding wheel to maintain the shape of the wheel grinding ability, low concentration grinding wheel grinding, the consumption of diamond is often lower, should be selected as appropriate.

  Shape and size: according to the shape of the workpiece, size and machine conditions selected.