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Diamond And Crystal Has A Diamond Structure

Mar 20, 2015

Diamond structure (Diamond structure) is the structure of the diamond crystal; the crystal structure of this type is known as having a diamond type structure. Diamond is a crystalline form of carbon atoms. Wherein the carbon atoms are covalently bonded, the basic law of the atomic arrangement is around each carbon atom has four tetrahedron distribution according to the carbon atom; this structure can be regarded as composed of two fcc Bravais lattice structure made sets, sets of structure along the way is a single cell [crystallography Cellular] 1/4 cube diagonal direction distance; can also be seen by a number of (111) plane along the close-packed atoms the [111] direction, in accordance with the laws of stacked ABCABCABC ยทยทยท constituted; each unit cell contains eight atoms, each unit cell contains two inequivalent atoms, a Bravais lattice . Important semiconductor Si and Ge on having a diamond-type crystal structure. Diamond lattice reciprocal lattice is body-centered cubic lattice. Therefore, Si and Ge crystals such as diamond-type electron Brillouin zone is a body-centered cubic lattice of WS primitive cell, its shape is chamfered hexahedral (ie 14 faces).

There silicon crystal material, silica crystals, are also having a diamond crystal atomic structure, which is the focus must remember !!! !! atomic crystal on these, as well as silicon carbide!