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Chop Saw Blades Circular Saw Blade

Dec 05, 2018

     Almost 89 years a top company have produced British chop saw blades. Industries and trade customers want quality for crosscutting soft or hard woods. They need a smooth cut and trim on boards, plywood, panels and timbers. The cutting accessories are produced in different sizes and teeth counts. There are different dimensions and sizes including 215 mm - 610 mm. It is available in 24, 32, 48, 60, 64, 80, or 108 teeth count. Saw accessories are designed for crosscutting, trimming and various machines. The machines include pendulum, pullover and radial arm. The features include triple chip grind, -5 º angle hooks and a 12 inch top bevel. Industries and customers wanting cut control the hook angles do the job. Machines that require feeding materials need strong and durable accessories. For a smooth finish use the triple chip grind to cut or trim boards and panels.


    The job and/or tasks determine the type of blade that should be used. There are tasks that may require a pallet buster and nail resistant. The cutting accessories are durable and can fit famous brands of circular saws. There are two types of cutting accessories, the nail resistant and pullet buster. The nail resistant cuts through nails and other like materials. It can cut timber, lumber, reclaimed wood and designed to cut plastics. The pullet buster cutting accessories have great features to benefit industries. It produces less noise to meet mandatory standards and requirements. The technical design of laser cut slots allows noises to be reduced dramatically. The teeth of the cutting accessories consist of 20 - 80 in various sizes. There are two industry qualities of cutting accessories, such as TCT and CV Alloy. The quality collection consists of food processing, low noise and fine trimming. Agriculture industries that use sawmill machines, CV Alloy is recommended.

    The accessories are used for ripping and crosscutting wood or lumber. It is made of the best quality of vanadium chrome materials. CV Alloy circular saw blades consist of 36 through 84 teeth count. The blades are used to crosscut and rip softwood, hardwood, and timber. It is used for cutting all types of boards including plastic and plywood. The teeth of CV Alloy has three different features and hook angles. The general purpose cutting accessories are sold in 20º positive hook angles. Crosscut blade accessories are available in 5º and 10º negative hook angles. The teeth of a circular saw blade comes in three different types and sizes. The general purpose of cutting accessories uses the HR teeth. GX and DX teeth are available in crosscut, 5º and 10º negative hook angles.