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Carbide Saw Blade Grinding Mode

Mar 20, 2015

Carbide saw blade grinding surface in accordance with the rake angle of the surface after 1: 3 relationship, only when tapping only after grinding through the proper tool to maintain normal work within life. Incorrect grinding, if only the front surface or only from the angle of the corner surface grinding will shorten the life of the knife tool.

Another important point is the whole area should be fully grinding wear.

Carbide saw blade is placed on the automatic grinding machine grinding, and because of the quality, we do not recommend the universal hand-grinding blade sharpening machines, automatic CNC grinding performance guarantee rake surface and the rear surface of the repair corner mill entirely in the same direction.

Grinding rake face and the posterior horn of the ideal surface to ensure the use of state and a stable life Carbide serrated, jagged minimum remaining length and width should not be less than 1 mm cutter meter (since Adapters from measurements).

Abrasive sawing boards

To prevent large diamond grinding wheel repair wear, it is necessary to saw the side serrated Language allow sufficient lateral projection. On the other hand, the maximum lateral projection should be less than 1.0 to 1.2 mm per side, in order to ensure the stability of the saw teeth.