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Carbide Alloy Saw Blade Are The Most Commonly Used Cutting Tools For Wood Products

Jul 25, 2017

  Carbide Alloy saw blade are the most commonly used cutting tools for wood products, and the quality of carbide saw blades is closely related to the quality of processed products. The proper selection of carbide saw blades is of great significance to improve product quality, shorten machining cycle and reduce processing cost. Carbide saw blades include the type of alloy cutter head, material, diameter, tooth number, thickness, Alloy saw blade tooth shape, angle, aperture and other parameters, these parameters determine the processing capacity and cutting performance of the saw blade. Select saw blade according to the type of sawing material, thickness, sawing speed, sawing direction, feeding speed, saw the width of the road needs to be correctly selected saw blades.

  Alloy saw blade quenching

  Quenching process has been widely used in modern mechanical manufacturing industry. Most of the important parts in machinery, especially in automobiles, airplanes and rockets, have been quenched and processed.

  The purpose of quenching is to transform the supercooled austenite into Martensite or bainite. The martensite or bainite tissue is then combined with tempering at different temperatures to substantially improve the strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, fatigue strength and toughness of the steel, Alloy saw blade thus satisfying the different use requirements of various mechanical parts and tools. can also be quenched to meet certain special steel of the ferromagnetic, corrosion resistance and other special physical and chemical properties.

  After quenching the saw blade, its strength, wear resistance, Alloy saw blade fatigue strength and toughness have been enhanced, which makes the life of the saw blade very high.