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Brief Analysis On Grinding Wheel Installation And Adjustment Skill

Jun 30, 2017

  Brief Analysis on Grinding Wheel Installation and Adjustment Skill

  For the new grinding wheel, before the installation to carefully check, with or without cracks, scars, etc., if you can not use. The grinding wheel should be adjusted for adjustment, once before installation, and once again after installation. The installation should be correct operation, to avoid damage to the wheel, the general wheel installation using flange installation.

  Installation should note the following:

  1, before the clip should be sound check. With a rope to lift the wheel, tap the wheel, the sound should be crisp, no tremolo or noise;

  2, the diameter of the two flanges must be equal, so that the grinding wheel without bending stress caused by rupture. The minimum diameter of the flange should not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the wheel, in the absence of a protective cover should not be less than 2/3;

  3, between the wheel and the flange must be rubber, blankets and other elastic materials to increase the contact surface, so that the force evenly. After clamping, the static balance, the grinding wheel should be in the maximum speed test 5min after the official use;

  4, grinder grinding wheel static balance adjustment method Manual adjustment of the wheel static balance, the need to use the balance frame, balance mandrel and balance block, level and other tools.

  After the grinding wheel is installed, turn off the protective door, and then let the grinding wheel run for 5 minutes, no problem before starting work.

  Adjustment method:

  Step 1: Find the lowest position A through the center of gravity of the grinding wheel;

  The second step: A point in the same diameter on the corresponding point to do a mark B;

  Step 3: Add the balance block C so that the position of A.B is unchanged;

  Step 4: Add the balance block D.E and still keep the A and B positions unchanged. If there is change, can be adjusted up and down D. E to A, B two points in situ. At this point the wheel has been balanced;

  Step 5: Turn the wheel 90 degrees. Such as imbalance, will D, E at the same time to A or B point of movement, until A.B two points so far;

  So adjust until the wheel can stabilize in any direction, the wheel on the balance well. According to the size of the wheel diameter, check the 6 or 8 can be.

  Should note the following:

  1) the balance frame to put the level, especially the vertical;

  2) the coolant in the grinding wheel;

  3) grinding wheel to fasten, flange, balance block to be washed;

  4) grinding wheel flange cone hole and balance with the spindle to be tight, the mandrel should not bend;

  5) wheel balance, the balance should be tightened;

  6) The balance frame is best to use knife-edge, because the contact with the mandrel is small, the reaction is more sensitive.