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Beneficial Tips For Using Various Types Of Drill Bits

Sep 29, 2018

Using different types of drill bits has beneficial effects because every type of drill bits has specific function. So you must not take for granted the three elements for getting maximum advantage from your drill bits. This will assure the quality of your work piece. 

There are three things to consider in taking full advantage of drill bits. First is the degree of the point angle of the drill bits. Second are the types of the drill bits being use for the specific work like making a starting hole, making lathe center, enlarging the hole, and finishing the hole. Last is the size of the drill bits for exact measurements. 

Degree of Point Angle 
Various types of drill bits have different point angles. These different point angles have different purposes. The advantage of the drill bits with no point angle is seen in creating flat-bottom blind holes. However, you need to be careful in using these drill bits because they are sensitive in terms of positioning and movement while making flat-bottom, blind holes. Meaning, even for just slight accidental movement or faulty positioning could mess up the end product. 

The advantage of the drill bits with 118 degree of point angle is their flexibility. These drill bits could be employed in broad range of tasks. That is why they are the most common drill bits available in most hardware stores. 

The benefit of the drill bits with 150 degree point angle is observed in metal works. They are intended in making holes on hard materials. However, bear in mind that they require a starting hole for trouble free operation. 
There are also drill bits intended for very soft materials. They are those with 90 degree point angle and are particularly sharp you do not need to make a starting hole to get high quality outputs. 

Thus, you have to check the point angle of drill bits before actually using them for your work piece. This will assure that the drill bits are suitable for the materials are working on.

Types of Drill Bits 
You must consider the types of drill bits to use in a specific project. It avoids wasting materials unnecessarily. Every type of drill bits has its distinct function. There are types of drill bits you can apply in specific tasks such as creating a starting hole, enlarging the existing hole, or finishing the created hole. 

Examples are center drill bits, twist drill bits, and core drill bits. The twist drill bits are very useful for broad array of tasks, have varied point angles and sizes and could fit for your various work pieces. However, there are demands that could not answer for just using twist drill bits like enlarging holes as much as twice of the hole‘s  size and finishing the holes that you made. In these cases, core drill bits will come in handy. 
Center drill bits, on the other hand, is perfect for creating a starting hole as a preparation for some drill bits or bigger drill bits to make a large hole. It can be used not only in forming a starting hole but also in creating lathe center for your work piece. 

The Size of the Drill Bits 
The size of the drill bits is directly proportional to the size of the hole being made. Thus, it is advisable to match the size of the drill bits with the size of the hole that you want to make in order to observe the exact measure needed. 

Sizes are usually set in millimeters. Consider the length of the drill bits if you are concerned about the deepness of the hole being made. Look for the diameter of the drill bits if you’re after about the wideness of the hole being made.