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Alloy Saw

Alloy saw blade is the most commonly used wood products processing cutting tools, quality alloy saw the quality and processed products are closely related. Reasonable selection of the correct alloy blade to improve product quality, shorten cycle times, reduce processing costs is significant. Alloy saw blade alloy containing species, a number of parameters material, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, profile, angle, aperture and other substrates, these parameters determine the processing capacity and cutting blade. When you select the type of cutting blade according to the material, thickness, cutting speed, cutting direction, feed rate, the correct selection of the saw blade path width required.

Alloy saw basic requirements:

By device design requirements to choose the right blade.

The equipment shall be equipped with safety devices, such as: shields, power brakes, overload protection.

There are professional operators to install and use, and wear work clothes, wearing goggles, earmuffs and so on.

Operators can not wear gloves, long hair cap to be placed within the work, and note the tie and cuffs to prevent danger.

Keep away from fire and humid environment.