Concrete/Marble Cutting Continuous Diamond Saw Blade

Concrete/Marble Cutting Continuous Diamond Saw Blade
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we manufacture high quality Continuous Diamond Saw Blade for cutting kinds Concrete and Marble, passed MPA and ISO certificate . 

1)size:125 X 22.23mm

2)Max Speed  12200rpm

3)Max 80m/S



1. Before saw blade installed, pollutions adhering between saw blade and flange shall be removed,
when installing saw blade, the marked direction shall be kept consistent with the rotating 
direction of electric tools, and flange shall be fastened by spanner attached to electric tools

2. Do not use any saw blade that has been deformed for being pressed of crashed

3. when operating, operator must wear safety helmet, safety footwear and goggles, protective glove,
additionally, if necessary operator must use earplug, mask and so on

4. Electric tools shall have protective cover

5. ahead of operation, operator must confirm that no other irrelevant person is present

6. cutting operation shall be started after saw blade sufficiently rotated, First cutting slowly, 
then normal cutting after operation stabilized, excessive force or curved cutting is prohibited