10PC HSS Twist Drill Bit Set

10PC HSS Twist Drill Bit Set
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Product Details

1.Standard:DIN338 / DIN340 / DIN1897 / DIN1869 / ASME / Extra Length 

 2.Material: HSS M42(8% Cobalt) / M35 (5% Cobalt)

3.Process: Fully Ground / Milled

 4.Cutting Edge: 118° General Angle /  135° General Angle / Fast Drill Bits /  118 ° Split Point /   135 ° Split Point 

5. Usage:  For Stainless steel, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, high strength steel and carbon fiber composite    materials, etc.





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Product Advantage

1. Material: Our raw material is from the same supplier as the Y. Brand.

2. Heat-treatment Process: With the high quenching and high return process technology, our high quenching is 5 - 10 degrees higher than that of peers, and high tempering is 3 - 5 degrees higher than that of peers.

3. Process: Full-ground process-high precision, long service life and good stability.

4. Unique design for the flute can be suitable for various materials.

5. Following is the test comparasion of our clients with other brands.

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